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Phoenix Precast Products
Precast Concrete Mold Designer / Fabricator
Job Description

Job Duties:

  • Read CAD drawings / designs of various types of precast concrete site furnishings and determine appropriate construction and fabrication process needed to produce molding and tooling for product
  • Coordinate mold design process with sales staff and fiberglass crew tailoring the design to the specific product and or sales order
  • Construct original plugs for mold fabrication out of appropriate materials including wood, polystyrene and polyurethane foam and other materials as needed
  • Oversee design and fabrication of custom crating for shipments of precast concrete site furnishings
  • Maintain and order materials as needed for mold plug fabrication and product crating
  • Maintain full wood shop and plug fabrication shop including all tools and equipment necessary to produce precast plugs and molding

Tool and Equipment Knowledge:

  • Traditional wood shop equipment including, but not limited to: table saws, panel saws, router tables, clamping devices, nail and finish guns, sanders, jig saws, and band saws.
  • Foam fabrication equipment including hot wire fabricators and slow speed, large capacity foam lathes
  • Fiberglass fabrication equipment including spray guns, chopper guns and hand applied fiberglass hand tools
  • Dust collection and filltration equipment
Phoenix Precast Products serves the following Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan areas;
Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Mesa, Gilbert & Chandler
Statewide & Nationwide delivery options are also available.

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